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Help Windows 7 get the Mac OS Lion

Although Apple has just released its latest version of Mac OS Lion, this summer. However, right now, you can put Lion's "shirt" on your Windows 7.
Apple's Mac operating system is always more appreciated than Windows for GUI and graphic design.
Recently, Apple released the first images as well as the features of Mac OS X Lion version, the latest version of Mac OS X.
Based on these images, Lion Skin Pack, a free application package that turns Windows 7 ultimate product key into a Mac OS X, with sleek features and a sleek interface.
The special feature of Lion Skin Pack is that this package focuses fully on the tools needed to fully transform Windows into Mac OS Lion that users do not need to install or set anything further.
During the installation, you keep the defaults of the software, without changing any settings.
Near the end of the process, the software will require users to download and install the Custo Pack Toolkit, which is a suite of applications that allows users to change and customize the look of Windows. However, this application is not really necessary, so click No in the dialog box to continue to install.
After the installation package is complete, reboot the system.
As soon as the boot process finishes, you will notice a complete difference on the Windows interface, from the boot screen, the desktop to the sound of the system.
Not only does it provide Mac OS Lion's Windows interface, it also brings familiar features to Mac OS X. For example, when you click on the Drivers icon in the toolbar below, your computer's drive list will be displayed just like on a Mac.
Or, in case you click on the Desktop icon, the virtual desktop interface, which contains all the contents of your desktop, will be displayed, allowing you to manipulate and select more easily.
In particular, when clicking on the minimized icon of an open application (Minimizer button), instead of the application window it will be collapsed into the familiar Windows system tray, which the icon of the software will. is collapsed to the new Mac OS tool tray.
There is one inconvenient thing that you may not be familiar with on the Mac OS Lion interface, the familiar Windows taskbar toolbar will be on the top of the screen.
In case you want to bring this toolbar to the location below, follow these steps:
- Right-click on the taskbar, remove the Lock Taskbar option (in case this option was removed, this step can not be performed).
- Now, use the mouse to drag and drop the Taskbar down below the screen. Now, the taskbar will be back to familiar places on Windows product key as before, making your use easier and easier.
In case you want to add a file icon, application or folder to the Mac OS toolbar, just use the mouse, drag and drop to the location you want to display on the toolbar.
To remove an icon, simply drag the icon away from where it is in the tool tray.
With the help of the Lion Skin Pack, your Windows 7 professional product key will be completely transformed, bringing a new look of Mac OS Lion. However, you can still use the familiar tools and applications of Windows.
Guide to remove the interface package
In case you want to uninstall this interface and return to the familiar Windows interface, follow these steps:
- Access the Windows Control Panel (click the Start button, select Control Panel), navigate to 'Uninstall a program' to uninstall the software.
- From the list of software, you choose to remove the Lion Skin Pack 4.0 application.
- In the application uninstall dialog that appears, you check all three options in the dialog box, then click Uninstall to start the application uninstall process as usual.
- After the uninstall process, reboot the system. Now, your Windows will return to its original default look.

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