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3 Ways to troubleshoot black screen of Windows 10

Sometimes, yes, we mean that sometimes it happens that nothing appears on the screen and you have to endure from Windows 10 Black Screen. This error is also known as the Windows 10 Black Screen of Death which we also mentioned earlier. We have written a long discussion on Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death which is not the same with this 10 black screen window without a cursor. Here we have 3 different ways to solve Windows 10 Black Screen:
1: Windows 10 Black Screen Error Fix in one click
Yes, that sounds good now that you can fix Windows 10 Black Crash Errors in a single click. What do we do if we talk about a single word? Nothing? NO, you may have to withdraw all equipment immediately. Sometimes, it happens you attach some devices, such as playing and optimizing a game on Windows 10. (windows 10 black screen with no cursor)
Remove all unnecessary equipment immediately.
2: Fix the black screen of Windows 10 with the power button
Just as we recommend you carefully read the steps below before applying the power button from your laptop. In this step, you may need to work with batteries using Windows 10.
On the Start Menu, click on the Power button and click on Shut down.
When your computer shuts down, remove the battery from your laptop.
Wait 50-60 seconds.
Recharge the battery.
Turn on your computer now.
You will not get a Windows 10 Update Black screen error.
Note: This method will only apply when you have a laptop. In this case of Desktop just try to restart your computer.
3: Clean & Refresh Windows 10 to remove black screen error Windows 10 after login
If your Windows 10 is new and you are facing Windows 10 Black Screen after login then you must Clean Install Windows 10. The clean install restores all your Windows 10 processes and keeps the files and folders up to date.
Here are a few steps you should take note of when updating Windows 10. We've covered in detail how you can delete your Windows 10 installation. You can go to the second line of the above paragraph and check the link for deletion. Install Windows 10. Here I mention the important points to do so:
Create USB bootable to install Windows 10 from USB
Attach the USB and reboot your PC
Start installing Windows 10 from USB on your new PC
Activate your Windows 10 freely
Here, we have mentioned three ways to troubleshoot Windows 10 Black Screen. Also, if you hit somewhere to ask me in the comment section. Your feedback is appreciated.
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