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Install Windows 7 with the Windows version available

Windows 7 is testing, so there will be many problems can arise, or simply want to "try" Windows 7 rather than long-term use. So install Windows 7 in parallel with other Windows versions to easily switch between them.
Windows 7 ultimate product key has just released the trial version, and since it's just a trial version, there are, of course, a lot of bugs in the process. Surely you do not "risk" to remove the previous version of Windows to use only Windows 7 on your computer. The following article will help you install Windows 7 in parallel with Windows Vista or XP on your computer to prevent trouble with Windows 7.
Parallel installation of Windows 7 and Vista:
To do this, you must first prepare a new hard drive partition (with at least 16GB free space to install). In case you want to secure the data for your hard drive, you can create a new partition for Windows 7 by following these steps:
- At the Windows Vista screen, click Start, click Control Panel, click System and Maintenance, navigate to Adminstrative Tools, and click on Creat and format hardisk partitions. A Disk Management windows product key will appear allowing you to see the information on your hard drive's partitions.
- Select the hard drive partition that has the most storage space, right click on it and select Shrink Volume. (Note, only NTFS formatted partitions have Shirnk Volume.)
- A new window pops up, allowing you to select the free space to extract the new partition from the selected partition. As mentioned above, to install Windows 7, you need at least 16GB of free space, so you should create a new partition with a 20GB capacity. Finally, click on Shirk.
- Back in the Disk Management window, you will see a new partition on your drive (called New unallocated partition). Right-click on the new drive and select New Simple Volume. Reset the size of the partition once and click Next.
- The next step will ask you to choose a wildcard for this new partition. In order to easily manage partitions, you should choose wildcards that are sequential to existing ones. Click Next to proceed.
- At this point, you will have to choose the format for the new partition (you choose NTFS format) and give it a new name for the partition. You should name it Windows 7 to avoid confusion with other partitions. Click Next to proceed.
Your partition is officially usable. Now place the Windows 7 installation disc and drive and reboot the machine.
Install Windows 7:
Boot your computer from the Windows 7 installation disc (to do this, you have to set up in the BIOS to boot from the DVD drive). You let the installation work normally until the process asks you to select a partition to install Windows 7. Choose the partition you just created (the partition is different from the partition that contains Windows Vista). . Then continue the installation process until it finishes.
Once the installation process is finished, the computer will automatically restart, and during startup, a menu will appear allowing you to choose to use Windows Vista (previously) or Windows 7 just installed. Use the up and down keys on the keyboard, select the operating system you want to use and press Enter to confirm.
Installing Windows 7 in parallel with Windows XP available: In case you are using Windows XP product key and not Vista and want to install parallel Windows 7, just follow the same steps as the steps have been introduced. in the article "Install Windows Vista in parallel with Windows XP available" was introduced by Dan Tri ago. (
Accessing Windows Vista Partitions in Windows 7: When you use Windows 7, you will discover that you can not access a partition that contains Windows Vista. The reason is that in Windows 7, both partitions containing Windows Vista and 7 are recognized as drive C partitions, so only one partition is used. To solve this problem, in Windows 7, go to Disk Management (in Control Panel), right click on the partition containing Windows Vista and select Change Drive letter and Paths.
Click the Add button in the new window that appears so that Windows 7 can recognize the new partition. Now, Windows Vista's partition can be identified and used in Windows 7.
So now you can be assured to test Windows 7 without fear of a problem, because if there is a problem then you still have another operating system to "rescue" Your data if unfortunately reformat the hard drive.

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