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Will the Windows 7 trial be available in two months?

Microsoft will not miss the chance to show off Windows 7 beta testing for programmers through its major technology conferences held in November.
Windows 7 ultimate product key is now on the Professional Product Developer Conference (PDC) agenda at the end of October, and Windows Hardware Conference (WinHEC), held in early November. According to Michael Cherry, Microsoft Product Analyst, delegates present at these two conferences will receive a "surprise gift" from Microsoft: not only will it describe Windows 7, but will also feature test them.
According to him, it is likely that the WinHEC conference will be the place where Microsoft releases the trial due to its small size. Microsoft has surprised many with keeping confidential such information about Windows 7 until this point. Cherry said that the company should distribute the trial to a small group of managers: "Microsoft is concerned that this test will be underrated. "But it's unavoidable for experts to try the first Windows 7-based visualization product of the world.
The timing of the release is also important for estimating the release date. Most Windows product key experts have predicted that Windows 7 will be available between 2009 and early 2010. Microsoft has traditionally touted Windows at year-end conferences like this, New products are only in the pre-testing phase.
But Cherry is also cautious that "the Microsoft product is not necessarily a complete operating system." In that case, the company would have to provide information related to the Live service that is integrated into Windows 7.
Microsoft's Live service system is an attempt to combine Windows operating system on a PC with cloud computing-style "cloud computing" services and software, serving both business and consumer customers. late. There is information that Microsoft will separate some of the components that have traditionally come with operating systems such as Windows Mail (or Microsoft Outlook on older Windows versions), turning them into Web services and selling them separately.
As we all know, Microsoft office 2013 product key has been "quiet" about Windows 7, as opposed to the "aggressive" style of the company so far. These two end-of-the-year workshops will be a rare opportunity for both end users and IT professionals to visualize Windows 7.

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