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Automatically Change Desktop Wallpaper in Windows

Previously, for other versions of Windows, you had to use another program to change the wallpaper for the Desktop. With Windows 7, you can use the automatic wallpaper change function with beautiful transition effects.
First, right-click on the desktop and select Personalize.
In the Personalize window that appears, click on Desktop Background located in the lower left corner of the window.
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Then, in the Desktop Background window, hover your mouse over the image you want to add as the background image, click on the tick in the upper left corner of each image.
You can also click the Select All button to select all images. When you select two images, Slide Show will automatically turn on and Change picture every will be displayed. You click on the list below the text Change picture every and select a time period displayed between the two images (here I choose 15 minutes to display a picture). You can click on the shuffle box to randomly replace the picture. When you are done, click Apply changes to finish.
If Windows 7 product key does not move the image according to the fade effect, you must right click on the Computer icon on the desktop, select Properties. Click on Advanced Systems Settings. In the System Properties window that appears, go to the Advanced tab and click the Settings button in the Perfomance pane. In the Performance window, select the Animate controls and elements inside windows option. Press OK twice to confirm.
Now my desktop will automatically transfer the background image after 15 minutes, the transition effect is very nice and smooth.

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3 Ways to troubleshoot black screen of Windows 10

Sometimes, yes, we mean that sometimes it happens that nothing appears on the screen and you have to endure from Windows 10 Black Screen. This error is also known as the Windows 10 Black Screen of Death which we also mentioned earlier. We have written a long discussion on Windows 10 Blue Screen of Death which is not the same with this 10 black screen window without a cursor. Here we have 3 different ways to solve Windows 10 Black Screen:
1: Windows 10 Black Screen Error Fix in one click
Yes, that sounds good now that you can fix Windows 10 Black Crash Errors in a single click. What do we do if we talk about a single word? Nothing? NO, you may have to withdraw all equipment immediately. Sometimes, it happens you attach some devices, such as playing and optimizing a game on Windows 10. (windows 10 black screen with no cursor)
Remove all unnecessary equipment immediately.
2: Fix the black screen of Windows 10 with the power button
Just as we recommend you carefully read the steps below before applying the power button from your laptop. In this step, you may need to work with batteries using Windows 10.
On the Start Menu, click on the Power button and click on Shut down.
When your computer shuts down, remove the battery from your laptop.
Wait 50-60 seconds.
Recharge the battery.
Turn on your computer now.
You will not get a Windows 10 Update Black screen error.
Note: This method will only apply when you have a laptop. In this case of Desktop just try to restart your computer.
3: Clean & Refresh Windows 10 to remove black screen error Windows 10 after login
If your Windows 10 is new and you are facing Windows 10 Black Screen after login then you must Clean Install Windows 10. The clean install restores all your Windows 10 processes and keeps the files and folders up to date.
Here are a few steps you should take note of when updating Windows 10. We've covered in detail how you can delete your Windows 10 installation. You can go to the second line of the above paragraph and check the link for deletion. Install Windows 10. Here I mention the important points to do so:
Create USB bootable to install Windows 10 from USB
Attach the USB and reboot your PC
Start installing Windows 10 from USB on your new PC
Activate your Windows 10 freely
Here, we have mentioned three ways to troubleshoot Windows 10 Black Screen. Also, if you hit somewhere to ask me in the comment section. Your feedback is appreciated.
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How to activate the Windows 10 Pro product key

Before going to the Windows 10 Professional Product Main, let's discuss some real issues with the product key that we all face today. We do not have access to all the features of windows 10. The product key will register our windows 10 and make our windows smooth 10. So move up to Windows 10 Pro. Product Key, Is it necessary for all of us to register for windows 10?
Many users want to activate Windows 10 Pro Product Key. There are many versions of Windows 10 in which Windows 10 Pro is one of them. If you buy Windows 10 from the market, the product key is a digital license, you do not need to buy separately. On the other hand, if you have downloaded Windows 10 from the Internet and you have no activation key or Windows Product Key 10. Then you have to follow this article and ofcourse you are here for this. We make sure that in this article we have a Windows 10 Special Product Key that can register your Windows 10 without losing any cost.
1. See the issue that we encountered without activating the Windows 10 Pro product key:
These are the issues that people are facing, and we will address them.
Annoying activation message
Notice "This copy of Windows 10 is not genuine !!!!"
Some features are not available in the free version
Topic error
Problem updating Windows 10
Windows 10 driver problem (and possibly add)
2. How to update the problem when you are not registered for Windows 10?
Updating the problem means that all Windows 10 updates are not installed correctly and you face problems with a feature that comes with the update. Many users want to get maximum functionality in the Windows 10 operating system but due to lack of registry keys in Windows 10. Their Windows 10 is not up to date and has problems with the Windows 10 driver issue.
3. Windows 10 Pro product key is required for Windows 10 drivers also?
There are many reasons that Windows 10 Professional products are necessary for a variety of reasons, such as drivers. The graphics driver, display, audio, video, and driver required are not properly installed if you do not insert the Windows Professional product key.
Here is for all you have been waiting for your magic main presentation you (Windows 10 Pro product key):
4. Product Key Windows 10 Pro:  8DVY4-NV2MW-3CGTG-XCBDB-2PQFM
Error If Your Windows 10 Pro Product Key Is Not Enabled?
Unable to restart Windows
Problem updating Windows 10
Upgrade from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10
Speeding Up Windows 10 (Speed ​​Up)
Battery Windows 10 (Increase life)
Above is a list of errors that you may encounter if your Windows 10 Pro product key is not activated. Let us explain one by one:
Many times Windows 10 does not restart, go to Start menu> Power Options> Restart. This will not work because of the reason that your Windows 10 activation problem.
If your previous Windows 7 or Windows 8 has not been registered, you can not upgrade directly to Windows 10. Also, you have to face some problems.
The speed issue, we call this performance is causing many problems. You may feel that if your Windows Professional product key is not registered, Windows will be slow. The reason is, all features do not work properly and you face this problem.
Battery problems are another issue that can cause the way your Windows 10 does not have product keys that can degrade your laptop's performance.
If the above key does not work, you can try it out with your specific version (Windows 10 Pro Product Key):
Windows 10 Education
Windows Serial Pro Pro Key
Windows 10 Single Language Lock
The key to all kinds of supplements:
Windows 10 Home Edition
Windows 10 Pro Activator (Windows Product Key 10 Pro):
If you are here and still read my post. There is no product on the Windows 10 Pro Key operating system. We are here to provide you with another technique through which you can quickly register your windows.

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Check that the computer is running Windows 7

Microsoft has released a free application called the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, which tests computers that can run Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 7.
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The software is capable of testing the entire configuration of the user's computer such as processor, memory, storage, graphics ... then consider whether they run Windows 7 or not. It also offers solutions for users if their system can not run Windows 7.
The application also provides users with programs that are currently compatible with Windows 7 .

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Microsoft sells a $ 70 upgrade to Windows 8

According to Reuters news, Microsoft on October 12 has begun to allow customers to pre-order DVD upgrade to Windows 8 product key operating system at a price of $ 70.
In addition, according to Reuters, customers can wait until October 26th - when Microsoft officially releases Windows 8 - to download a direct upgrade to a computer for only $ 40, the price offered by Microsoft. end of January next year.
According to Microsoft, computers running Windows XP, Vista and even Windows 7 will be able to upgrade to Windows 8.
Reuters said that US customers can order upgrades to Windows 8 at Microsoft stores, or at, Best Buy and Staples.
However, Microsoft has not announced pricing for the full suite of Windows 8 full version, or more specifically the version of Windows 8 completely new.
The previous version of Windows 7 home premium product key was priced at $ 200, according to Reuters.
Microsoft PC vendors such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Samsung and Sony have received pre-orders for Windows 8-based computers.

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Windows 10 continues to grow, XP first down 7%

The market share of the operating system from market research firm NetMarketShare shows that Windows 7 and 10 are on the rise, while XP has fallen for the first time down to 7%.
According to Neowin, Windows 7 product key market share has increased by nearly 1% to account for 49.46% of the operating system market. Growth also occurred with Windows 10, where market share rose from 26.28% last month to 26.78% this month.
But maybe Microsoft will be happier when Windows XP market share drops below 7% for the first time and now stands at 5.66% - a significant drop (1.38%) over the previous month. The company introduced Windows XP in 2001 but it is still used by a large number of users despite Microsoft shutting down support for the operating system in 2014.
Meanwhile, the market share of Windows 8.1 product key also dropped to 6.74%. In general, Windows still leads the PC operating system market with a total market share of 91.64%. Second place was Apple's OS X with 6.36%. The Mac OS X 10.12 release shows a slight increase and currently holds a 3.59% market share, while other versions are down.
The same is true of StatCounter, where Windows dominates the market with a combined market share of 83.93%, while OS X is in second place with an 11.74% market share.
By simple arithmetic, it can be seen that Windows 7 is still the leading operating system operating system market with 38.9% of the market, while Windows 10 product key ranked second with 30.01%. Similarly, Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows XP accounted for 9.89% and 4.26%, respectively. The market share of Windows Vista was negligible at 0.81%.

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Microsoft and Windows Phone 8: Gone and Lost

Windows Phone 7 is a new operating system but has attracted a lot of attention, which can be seen when seven of the 9 best-selling phones in Amazon US use WP7.
However, after Microsoft introduced Windows Phone 8, there was quite a mixed opinion from users about the operating system. Looking at the old customer perspective, WP8 is a visual failure of Microsoft and especially Nokia, but in the third-party perspective, perhaps this is a real change needed to increase the edge. Painting for the whole platform. The question is whether WP8 can do what WP7 has done or is it the wrong step of Microsoft as Windows Vista. On the computer operating system front, Microsoft is too powerful and can do with Windows 7, but if Windows Phone 8 fails, perhaps the software giant is forced to bid farewell to the mobile front when iOS and Android is dominating too big.
The biggest and most thoughtful change: Windows NT kernel
Maybe the interface changes, the addition of features such as Wallet users enjoy, but the most peculiar change is the Windows NT kernel. If you do not know then Windows NT is the operating system for most of us computers, from Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 professional product key, Windows 8 and now Windows Phone 8. Windows NT was created with The earlier MS-DOS alternative, more secure, more robust and more modern.
Meanwhile, Windows Phone 7 is built on Windows CE (Windows Embedded Compact), a kernel built for embedded systems. Microsoft also has an embedded Windows platform that you might be confused with is Windows Embedded Standard based on the Windows NT kernel and it's completely unrelated to Windows CE. Windows CE is used on a variety of platforms, especially the former Windows Mobile platforms, from PocketPC 2000 to Windows Mobile 6.5, and more recently Windows Phone 7, the operating system that many people have. The wrong thing is that Microsoft has rebuilt it from scratch. WP7 is based on the Windows CE6 kernel (introduced in December 2006) and Windows CE7 (March 2011).
So what is the cause?
It's unclear, but perhaps this is the main reason Microsoft abandoned Windows CE but shared Windows NT on all of their major operating systems. Microsoft office 2010 product key has not announced yet, but we can easily speculate that Windows Phone 8 uses the latest Windows NT 6.2 core used in conjunction with Windows 10 product key and especially Windows 8 RT, the operating system for devices using ARM chips. .
Take a look at Apple because it is the company that has the same strategy as Microsoft, they built iOS and Mac OS on the same Unix kernel from the beginning, not split into Windows CE and Windows NT as Microsoft. However, Apple only took a few of the features of MacOS in the Unix kernel and switched to iOS builds. Meanwhile, Microsoft has a stark contrast, separating Windows CE, Windows NT, and is in the process of merging the two platforms. The fact that Apple is completely on the right track, they still interoperate two operating systems with the same features (Back to the Mac) but both have very strong personal vitality. Unless Apple destroys Mac OS or iOS and instead is a common platform, its users still have a common, uninterrupted experience like Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Microsoft wants to rely to Windows 8 on the PC to promote Windows Phone 8, but whether they are successful or not?
Better game development, more applications:
Old Windows Phone 7 applications written in the .NET Compact Framework are quite limited, so not take full advantage of the hardware of the machine so Microsoft has added more programming tools, released Visual Studio 2012 support. Programming for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 helps developers build applications and games for both platforms at the same time. From Windows Phone 8, the software is written on the .NET Compact Framework but adds a C / C ++ library, SQLite database, and DirectX instruction set.